the fifth moon

I’m alive now, after so many months & years-   follow us, the lead ship flashed and so we landed on Titan-   where the waves overtook us so gentle, so vast I rocked on & on through oblivion.   I know that Storm like the back of my mind   on & on, she… Read more »

Starlight & Opus

to & fro, the sea goes.   where do we sleep, each and everyone of us- if not on the water, rocking, & on what do we feast, if not the discourse of the fishermen before us and beside us?   When Newest & Oldest {and very few in between} we write our names with… Read more »

~Flowers For Otto~

these things we threw away, apple peelings, crusts of bread- we wiped the table clean, except I held a picture of you, behind. I held it up- I thought- I pocketed it beyond your reach- but still, you crushed the flowers- so awkward was your strength… and it resonated: your fierce hand- your eyes knife… Read more »

Jupiter’s Power

~it is going like this: …moonlight and water, the bright stars under my tongue, and there he is, Jupiter- full of glory & sacrifice: see the red scar? A wound he’s not afraid to show, and I hope my rings can keep him away, just elbow’s length, just enough to glow.

the magic of beets

  ~tell me, what is as magic as a beet in your hand, the red juice flowing down your arm, the taste of earth in your mouth? mine for gold, it is beautiful… but give me a spade and let me mine for these priceless hearts of the earth~ –L {tonight’s kitchen song… pen &… Read more »