Starlight & Opus

to & fro, the sea goes.
where do we sleep,
each and everyone of us-
if not on the water, rocking,
& on what do we feast,
if not the discourse of the fishermen
before us and beside us?
When Newest & Oldest {and very few in between}
we write our names with Stardust
to catch the Stars and harness the Wind
with Feathers from an Albatross
We ask:
In what direction lies the morning’s Opus?
Come and seek it, goes the answer. Always.
A little fleet, full of loved ones lost &
We are going towards it!
ship steer, pull that mast-
the wind is blowing,
at last, at last!
Raise the gossamer sails, so deftly mended-
With silver sleep,
and make a ballast of golden dreams,
Let us sing sweet lullabies while
Together we are on the water rocking.
“Oh tell us” all will sing and know the answer:
“Where do the days go?”
Sing the Albatross
Sing the Great Whale
Sing the Waves
All great lights are Stars in the end,
where the Opus touches the Water.
–L {starlight&opus} 12-16-18